N-400 Cover Letter Example

I became a naturalized US Citizen almost two years ago and the process went smoothly. Finding a good cover letter example online, though, was kind of difficult. So my husband and I just picked the one we thought was the best and we started writing our own based on the documents we had to submit with our petition. Hope this one helps.

I edited the sensitive information like my address, phone number and alien number. The supporting documents on the list are the exact ones I sent. Keep in mind that my application was based on marriage to a US Citizen and some of you might have come to the US based on your parent's or sibling's petition. The USCIS website provides a checklist of documents you need to send along with N-400 form.

Bianca D
1234 Number Street
Somewhere, MD 20000

June 6,2015

RE:N-400 Application for Naturalization to USA
Bianca D, A# 555-555-555 (your alien number)

Dear USCIS Examiner,

Enclosed please find the N-400 Application for Naturalization to the USA regarding my wife, Bianca. My wife came to the United States in 1900 using K1 Visa. We have been happily married for 100 years and request that this application be accepted.

Enclosed please also find the following:

*A check for $680,payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security
*2 identical color photographs for Bianca
*Front and back copies of  Bianca's green card
*Certified copy of our marriage certificate
*Copy of John's birth certificate(the US Citizen spouse)
*Copies of our joint State and Federal tax returns for 1901,1902, and 1903 (it should be the    three most recent years)
*Copy of our child's birth certificate
*Copies of John's life insurance statement showing Bianca as the beneficiary
*Copy of recent billing statement from the doctor addressed to both John and Bianca
*Copies of our Disneyland and Disneyworld tickets during our family vacation in 2013 and 2015.

Please feel free to inquire at any of the sources of submitted documents for validity of their statements, and you are also welcome to visit our home should you ever desire to do so. Please advise us if you have any questions or problems related to this petition.


John and Bianca D

1.) Print out two copies of the N-400 after filling it out. One copy is to be sent to the USCIS while the other is for you to read or memorize. The questions they will ask during the interview are actually based on the information you provided on the form so your answer should match.
2.)Be sure to state if you have traveled outside the US prior to the application. On the form they will ask you when and for how long. To be sure, get your passport and look at the dates of your travel before entering your answer. You need to bring your old and new passport on the date of your interview because they will check it.
3.) Supporting documents of an ongoing  marriage  are also important. In my case I sent the original copy of the  bill from my most recent doctor's appointment. It was addressed to both me and my husband which proves we live in the same residence.
4.) Be sure to use the latest version of the forms and check the payments 'cause they may increase. Mail your application to the appropriate Service Center. You can check on the link below and once you get there, click on the 'Where to File' tab.


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